Meet Ana Peña: The Face Behind Indulge Darling Boutique

Meet Ana Peña: The Face Behind Indulge Darling Boutique
Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Ana Peña is the woman behind Indulge Darling, LLC Fashion Boutique, and is a self-made entrepreneur who is passionate about beautifying others.
Stepped into the fashion industry to represent the exclusive beauty needs of exceptional women, Ana’s passion for chic clothing & love for beautiful things shine brightly in everything she does. Portraying the fashion culture of the Latino community, she aims to serve the fashion world by helping women build the perfect version of themselves. Ana Peña serves to meet & exceed the beauty needs of high-end clients and is presently working on establishing her second boutique in Winter Park, Florida.
She enjoys building healthy relationships with strong women and has collaborated with Sarah Jessica Parker and actively supports her shoe line SJP Collection for the Caribbean. Ana travels the world to explore the global fashion scene and has worked with leading designers from Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, and many other countries.
Ana Peña’s boutique has been featured in magazines all around the world, and she is presently working on launching her new online fashion boutique. She spent the majority of her life in New Jersey and moved to Florida in 2003 to realize her childhood fashion dreams. Ana is also a licensed real estate professional and investor who shares fluency in Spanish and English languages.

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